Codility lesson 1 - Binary Gap

There is many services where you can test your programming skills. Not so long time ago I found out about Codility which provides programming tests in many languages. It's built mainly to help companies with hiring new programmers by providing automated platform to check candidates programming skills.

Though platform also has a programmer section, where you can test your knowledge and problem solving abilities for free.

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Checksum files in Python

There is a many ways to checksum the file, and many available ready to use programs. Sometimes there is a need to integrate a checksum into your app. Most of the time we want to checksum the file to detect a corruption after the copy, move or download file.

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Tunneling with Ngrok

One of my best finds of the 2014 was Ngrok, service providing secure tunneling from your local machine to the web. It allows you to expose your locally running server to on-line in just a seconds, moreover you are able to access it on http and https. Each developer can find multiple use-cases for this kind of service.

It's multi-platform, stable, simple to use and free of charge service. Of course if you need, you can buy a license but you don't need to.

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