Wonderful Cuba

We spent this years holidays in Cuba, one of the most extraordinary, weird and friendly country we’ve ever visited. It is one of the most beautiful places on the Caribbean and definitely one with the most interesting history. Before we went to Cuba, we’ve read a lot of blog posts and articles about this country. In each article we have found very similar opinions, that Cuba is trapped like in time warp and we can totally agree with this. For Cubans the time has stopped 50 years ago.

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Places to visit in Berlin

During the Easter break, we’ve visited Berlin, the capital of Germany, at the same time the biggest city in the country. I can truly say, it’s one of the most vivid and vibrant places I’ve ever visited. Before the journey, we’ve looked for the most interesting places, pubs, and restaurants.

In this post you can find tips we have found before and while in Belin that helped us enjoy the break to the fullest!

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Signed URls – Query string authentication

Signed URL’s contain query string parameters that allow access to protected data without requiring any credentials from the end user. Furthermore, you can restrict access to the particular file by providing a timestamp, so that after a particular date the URL will be invalidated automatically.

Here we will see how to use it on AWS and Gcloud to access files from private buckets.

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