Mac Installer adding app to the dock

Installing applications on Mac is a very simple task, all you have to do is drag and drop your application in a special folder named “Applications”, this tutorial will help you to create an installer for your application and the automation of adding to the dock. Adding to the dock is a post install process and requires you running a special script which adds your program to the dock.

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Stand-alone Django script

Sometimes we need run a stand alone python script which uses the models of the Django project, let’s assume we want to run a python script in a cron job which uses our Django’s models and the setup is all within confide environment created with virtualenv. In order to achieve this the script needs to know several things. The first step is to add Django settings module to the environment inside the stand-alone script, this indicates the path to the Django projects and it’s ‘settings’. Then we need to activate the virtual environment within the script.

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How to handle a file open event with QT in Mac OSX

By assigning the file type to a specific file we can determine what kind of information and data we expect to find inside that particular file. There are a lot of applications that handle multiple file types, so we want to use specific one that can be reserved only for the given application. By double clicking on the file the default app will be launched and the file loaded into it.

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How to Build a Binary Clock [PART 2]

When the basic algorithm of turning the diodes on and off is done and tested, it’s time to build the full prototype. This part was completely new for me, as I’d never done anything like it before.

The first step in the process is to design a breadboard with all the necessary components and connections between them.

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