Tunneling with Ngrok

One of my best finds of the 2014 was Ngrok, service providing secure tunneling from your local machine to the web. It allows you to expose your locally running server to on-line in just a seconds, moreover you are able to access it on http and https. Each developer can find multiple use-cases for this kind of service.

It's multi-platform, stable, simple to use and free of charge service. Of course if you need, you can buy a license but you don't need to.

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How to run a single app instance in QT

Sometimes we don’t want to allow users to run multiple instances of the app at once. We might want to do it, to prevent memory leak, files corruption or we decided there is no practical need to run two instances of our app at once. As there is many ways of completing this task, there is many tricky use cases as well where the single instance lock may fall.

I will show couple of cases how to implement this kind of secure lock and will describe advantages and disadvantages of each method.

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Efficient SQL queries with Django

Creating/fetching/saving/deleting data from database is one of the most common tasks for the the web apps. Most of the time the web app is based on database and can not work without it. Therefore developers need to remember how important is to make efficient queries and not to slow down the application as it might become really frustrating for the end user to wait ages for the page to load.

The common problem during the development is that the database contains not enough data in to notice the problem. When the app goes live and more data is being saved into the database, everything becomes slower, when that happens it’s really hard to find quick solution to the problem. The best approach is to prevent this kind of situation from the development stage, by checking how many queries particular endpoint generates and limiting them to minimum. This approach will definitely save a lot of time and money when the app goes live.

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Implement cookies disclaimer in Javascript

It is now a legal requirement in Europe to notify the users when a website is using cookies to store information, a lot of websites started integrating a small disclaimer, we will be discussing a simple integration which allows the users to dismiss the given disclaimer and only see it once.

Ironically enough this task can be easily accomplished by using nothing else than cookies. Cookies can be created, updated or deleted either by backend or frontend. In this tutorial we will be covering a sim

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